Celebrate Goffin-King Day from 8am to 11pm today!

 Join us for a great day of music by one of the
greatest songwriting teams in history!



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A Special 3 Hour Halloween INTOXICA!


All the ghoulish Halloween madness plus super ultra blood-o-rama Shock-N-Roll Fest at 9PM KARLOFFornia TIME!!!

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Today in Luxuria History

Luxotron Records 

A rare photograph of the LuxuriaMusic store from 1958. Notice the distinct lack of iPads and iPhones, which frequently made reception of the station difficult back then.
Fortunately, today it's as simple as adding TuneIn Radio for your Smartphone, or using players like VLC, iTunes, Windows Media Player, or RealPlayer.
And we'll still play you Perry Como, Pat Boone, Montovani, Johnny Mathis, and great music from Italy.

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