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No Condition is Permanent

with Count Reeshard and Lee-Roy

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Saturday 9:00 pm 11:00 pm

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The Time Of Useless Consciousness, beginning @ 9pm PST on Saturdays. The broadcast emanates each Saturday night from the Purple Bat Lounge, a frabjous place in a decidedly vorpal neighborhood, where our two DJ's play music about cars and girls and money and dope...for folks who like those sorts of things.

Hear the sounds that have inspired miscreants of many lands: English mods; Jamaican rude boys; Tuareg rockers from the Sahara; impeccably dressed sapeurs from Zaîre; and the surfers, bikers, grifters, pimps, dealers and other forms of low life native to our own U.S.A.. Surf instrumentals and garage rock rub up against Turkish psychedelic bands, followed in hot pursuit by Congolese rumba, raunchy DJ toasting from Jamaican shanty towns, southeast Asian ‘shadow’ guitar bands and raw, proto-R’n’B singles from America’s chitlin circuit.

So, pour the highly effective beverage, switch on the vaporizer and change your mind. You'll like it - it's BAD for you.

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No Condition is Permanent hosts

Late on a given Saturday, Count Reeshard & Lee-Roy will be found manning the DJ booth at the Purple Bat Lounge, a dive bar on Brush St. in downtown Detroit once described as a “frabjous sort of place in a decidedly vorpal neighborhood.” It is there that Reeshard, a hairless former rock critic, and Lee-Roy, […]