Jonpaul Balak

Jonpaul Balak is an internationally recognized Surf and Exotica bassist based in Venice, CA. He performs around the world with the "international Surf music ambassador" Surfer Joe (Lorenzo Valdambrini), is a member of the renowned modern Exotica septet The Tikiyaki Orchestra and their Surf-centric quartet Tikiyaki 5-0, and the highly influential Surf revival band Insect Surfers ("planet Earth's longest running modern Surf band").


Derrick Bostrom

"C’mon! Live a Little" host Derrick Bostrom gained notoriety as the drummer and founding member of the legendary Meat Puppets. One of the longest-lasting bands from the American indie scene, the Meat Puppets continue to this day with Bostrom behind the skins. He also labors as an I.T. professional and is considered a "technologist" by those who don't know any better. In truth, he knows just enough to be dangerous...especially to his listeners.


Mr. C

Mr. C was raised amid the street lamps and row houses of Philadelphia's Great Northeast, and then the near beyond, He gave up a budding basketball career and potentially lucrative venture in publishing to follow a calling.

Ray Carment


Ray Carmen

Ray Carmen is your host for The POP! Radio Program, a weekly hour-long dive into the corners of his music collection, playing indie-bubblegum-garage-punk-power-pop, some 60s ska and 70s soul, as well as some underground and experimental pop to keep things firmly a little left of center. Philosophy of the show: mix The Monkees with The Residents, and see what happens. Six artists you will hear on my show: Martin Newell, R. Stevie Moore, The Monkees, Guided By Voices, Pere Ubu, Pleasure Leftists, The Residents. Okay, that’s seven. To derive maximum pleasure from the show: As you would expect with any show on Luxuria Music, expect the unexpected! Hopefully you will hear music you’ve never heard before, as well as music you haven’t heard in a long time. When I’m not DJing I can be found: singing lead and playing rhythm guitar with the Akron OH power pop band Librarians With Hickeys, signed to Big Stir Records, home of Graham Parker, The Armoires and Dolph Chaney. The secret superpower I possess: recording my show in my home studio, while my wife and daughter watch Criminal Minds in the other room…


Robin Crutchfield

Oddball loner artist/musician Robin Crutchfield has been escaping the darker elements of life by retreating into his own reality since hearing The Routers' "Sting Ray" at a 5th grade classmate's patio platter party. The snappy instrumental, with accents from the hip hot rod's car horn revved his escapist tendencies past the pop highway into multiple lanes and genres transcending ten decades. As a performance artist in New York City in the 1970's, and with his bands DNA and Dark Day, he made pit stops at CBGB's and Max's Kansas City, worked with Brian Eno, wrote a comedy skit for Steve Allen, and displayed his art at MoMA and the Whitney. His music was used in Erroll Morris' Bravo TV show, First Person. He's released numerous albums and books, continuing to make his output available online. On the Dark Day Escape Pod, expect road trip hopscotching across time and space from the morass of the morose to the cheerful earful, melodies from the mellow to the melodramatic, the sophomoric to the simply silly. Crank up the engine on the quirky mobile and strap yourself in for a delightfully dizzying detour down the rabbit hole.


Jim Dawson

Jim Dawson has written half a dozen books on early rock ‘n’ roll and rhythm and blues, including “What Was the First Rock ‘n’ Roll Record?” (1992, Faber & Faber), as well as over 100 album liner notes. He also wrote the 1999 top-selling “Who Cut the Cheese? A Cultural History of the Fart?” (Ten Speed Press), “The Compleat Motherfucker: A History of the Mother of All Dirty Words” (2009, Feral House), and “Los Angeles’s Bunker Hill: Pulp Fiction’s Mean Streets and Film Noir’s Ground Zero!” (2012, History Press). He is the host of Not Fade Away on Wednesday nights.