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Robin Crutchfield


Dark Day Escape Pod

with Robin Crutchfield

On the Dark Day Escape Pod, expect road trip hopscotching across time and space from the morass of the morose to the cheerful earful, melodies from the mellow to the melodramatic, the sophomoric to the simply silly. Crank up the engine on the quirkymobile and strap yourself in for a delightfully dizzying detour down the rabbit hole.

Oddball loner artist/musician Robin Crutchfield has been escaping the darker elements of life by retreating into his own reality since hearing The Routers’ “Sting Ray” at a 5th grade classmate’s patio platter party. The snappy instrumental, with accents from the hip hot rod’s car horn revved his escapist tendencies past the pop highway into multiple lanes and genres transcending ten decades. As a performance artist in New York City in the 1970’s, and with his bands DNA and Dark Day, he made pit stops at CBGB’s and Max’s Kansas City, worked with Brian Eno, wrote a comedy skit for Steve Allen, and displayed his art at MoMA and the Whitney. His music was used in Erroll Morris’ Bravo TV show, First Person. He’s released numerous albums and books, continuing to make his output available online.

Philosophy of my radio show: I like sharing and revealing the eclectic and the unfamiliar to a wider audience of potential new music lovers. 

Five artists LuxuriaMusic listeners will hear on my show: artists from 10 decades including Chet Baker, Jeri Southern, The Incredible String Band, Annette Peacock, Bananarama, and too many more to count

To derive the maximum pleasure from my radio show: tune in and be ready to be taken away from the cares of your day.

When I’m not DJing I can be found: writing flash fiction and poetry, making art, playing ancient string instruments, yarn-crafting with crochet, hosting a tarot card deck review channel on YouTube called Toadstool Tarot.

The secret superpower I possess: I look at things differently and share in the joy of the unusual.

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