Mr. C


Mr. C was raised amid the street lamps and row houses of Philadelphia’s Great Northeast, and then the near beyond, He gave up a budding basketball career and potentially lucrative venture in publishing to follow a calling.  Inspired by the James Brown Revue and the emiment City of Brotherly Love disc jockey Georgie Woods, the young Mr. C decided to do what seemed true and give the people what they  needed and what they wanted across the land.

The Power of Soul!  Beginning in Medford, Massachusetts (WTUR) and neighboring Cambridge (WTBS-pre Ted Turner), the Mr.CSoul Spectacular caravan of stars was on the road: Boston (WBCN), East Orange and Jersey City, New Jersey (WFMU) with guest layovers at hometown icon WDAS and New York’s WNYC.  Somehow, even with just a nickel and a nail or an old nine pound steel, the Caravan blazed on to take it to the stage in Hollywood.

If you’re ready to keep on pushing, crawl before you walk, turn on your lovelight or just hold on to what you got, be ready, the MrC Soul Spectacular is coming to your town.  Doors open Saturdays at noon.  Have soul will travel. A Mr.C and Joey Production.

Philosophy of my radio show:

  • To entertain, to rearrange, and to amaze.  To make one somebody feel like it’s Christamas morning with a brand new toy.
  • Sam Cooke, Soul Brothers 6, Mad Lads,Linda Jones, William Bell
  • Put one hand on the radio and one hand on your heart..
  • Watching MSNBC, the NBA, and annoying my cat, Bootsy.
  • I’m trying to find some..I’ve been looking here and there, searching Everywhere, I’m looking, I’m looking…
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