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C’mon Live a Little!

with Derrick Bostrom

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Saturday 4:00 pm 5:00 pm

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Every week on "C'mon! Live A Little," Bostrom unburdening himself of as many guilty pleasures from his collection as an hour can hold.



“C’mon! Live A Little” is an inscrutable mix of featherweight pop, oddball novelties and grudging host segments, all glued together with enough easy listening filler to make even the most temperamental Luxurian’s household chore or daily commute a veritable breeze. Inspired by the innumerable faceless studio professionals and amateurs of the past whom he idolizes and whose identities have been lost to history, Bostrom prefers to stay as much in the background as he can. “When I was growing up listening to the radio, I had no idea what was going on,” rants Bostrom, “and I think I turned out pretty damned all right, if you ask me.”

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"C’mon! Live a Little" host Derrick Bostrom gained notoriety as the drummer and founding member of the legendary Meat Puppets. One of the longest-lasting bands from the American indie scene, the Meat Puppets continue to this day with Bostrom behind the skins. He also labors as an I.T. professional and is considered a "technologist" by those who don't know any better. In truth, he knows just enough to be dangerous...especially to his listeners.