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Happy to Know You

with Ron Sures

Featuring many, many Movie and Television Soundtracks, Pop ephemera, Vocal Pop/Jazz from The Americas, France, Brazil, and every other country!  Music both refreshingly obscure and reassuringly recognizable (or maybe an unknown song from a known artist); sometimes going deeper than you ever thought possible!  The show for the person that thinks they’ve heard everything, and then it turns out that they haven’t (including me!  Plenty of warm, romantic and ecstatic sounds […]

Ron Sures is a musician and composer who just turned 30 (and who also failed math)!  He may be older; let’s not overthink this.

Philosophy of my radio show:  Very important news update!!  There’s no such thing as a “Guilty Pleasure”! (at least where music is concerned)  It is my privilege and passion to bring the vast world(s) of music to your virtual doorstep!

Five artists LuxuriaMusic listeners will hear on my show: Claudette Soares, Joyce Moreno, Sounds Nice, Anita Kerr, Scott Walker, Michel & Christiane Legrand and at least 7,001 more great artists (which I know is technically more than five)!

To derive the maximum pleasure from my radio show:  You should please listen to my radio show!  Hopefully, that will deliver to you the maximum dose of (un-guilty) pleasure!  And try not to listen on your laptop speakers, if you can.  No pressure.  Headphones!

When I’m not DJing I can be found: Making toast & music, watching movies (and looking for music I haven’t heard yet)

The secret superpower I possess:  I can make toast!  And a few other things.

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