LuxuriaMusic DJ Profiles


Jonpaul Balak

Jonpaul Balak - Fiberglass Jungle
Saturdays 2 - 4 PM PT

Fiberglass Jungle host Jonpaul Balak has been intimately involved with the Southern California Surf Music scene for many years as a die-hard fan, collector, performer and journalist. He is the bass player for “Planet Earth’s Longest Running Modern Surf Band,” Insect Surfers and for 21st-century Exotica sextet The Tikiyaki Orchestra and their smaller, more Surf-centric project Tikiyaki 5-0, and has performed with artists such as The Ghastly Ones, Surfer Joe, Threesome, The Kilaueas, Randy Holden, The Blair-Pongracic Band, The Boardwalkers, The Disasternauts, 3 Balls of Fire, Project Pimento, John Blair, and Paul Johnson, among others. He earned his BA in Musicology from UCLA and resides in Venice, California, where he is currently working on the first book to present a complete history of the Surf instrumental revival.

Erik Bluhm

Erik Bluhm - West Coast Fog - Tuesdays 7PM -  9PM PT

Erik Bluhm is a fifth generation Angeleno. Tune in to his West Coast Fog program to hear original, not-that-popular mid-'60s 45s, psychedelic meanderings, mini audio-historical documentaries, fascinating and/or special guests, sudden gusts, microtonal composers, private presses, metabolic messes, even poetry. All from California, at least in spirit.

Derrick Bostrom

Derrick Bostrom - C'mon! Live A Little
Saturdays - 4PM PST
"C’mon! Live a Little" host Derrick Bostrom gained notoriety as the drummer and founding member of the legendary Meat Puppets. One of the longest-lasting bands from the American indie scene, the Meat Puppets continue to this day -- though Bostrom jumped ship a decade and a half into the ride. Currently, he labors as an I.T. professional and is considered a "technologist" by those who don't know any better. In truth, he knows just enough to be dangerous...especially to his listeners. Every week on "C'mon! Live A Little," Bostrom unburdening himself of as many guilty pleasures from his collection as an hour can hold. "C'mon! Live A Little" is an inscrutable mix of featherweight pop, oddball novelties and grudging host segments, all glued together with enough easy listening filler to make even the most temperamental Luxurian's household chore or daily commute a veritable breeze.


Mr. C

Mr. CMr. C - Mr. C's Soul Spectacular
Saturdays 12PM - 2PM PT

Mr. C was raised amid the street lamps and row houses of Philadelphia's Great Northeast, and then the near beyond, He gave up a budding basketball career and potentially lucrative venture in publishing to follow a calling.  Inspired by the James Brown Revue and the emiment City of Brotherly Love disc jockey Georgie Woods, the young Mr. C decided to do what seemed true and give the people what they  needed and what they wanted across the land.

The Power of Soul!  Beginning in Medford, Massachusetts (WTUR) and neighboring Cambridge (WTBS-pre Ted Turner), the Mr.CSoul Spectacular caravan of stars was on the road: Boston (WBCN), East Orange and Jersey City, New Jersey (WFMU) with guest layovers at hometown icon WDAS and New York's WNYC.  Somehow, even with just a nickel and a nail or an old nine pound steel, the Caravan blazed on to take it to the stage in Hollywood. 

Robin Crutchfield

Robin CrutchfieldRobin Crutchfield - Dark Day Escape Pod
Mondays 8PM - 10PM PT, 11PM - 1AM ET

Oddball loner artist/muscian Robin Crutchfield has been escaping the darker elements of life by retreating into his own reality since hearing The Routers' "Sting Ray" at a 5th grade classmate's patio platter party. The snappy instrumental, with accents from the hip hot rod's car horn revved his escapist tendencies past the pop highway into multiple lanes and genres transcending ten decades. As a performance artist in New York City in the 1970's, and with his bands DNA and Dark Day, he made pit stops at CBGB's and Max's Kansas City, worked with Brian Eno, wrote a comedy skit for Steve Allen, and displayed his art at MoMA and the Whitney. His music was used in Erroll Morris' Bravo TV show, First Person. He's released numerous albums and books, continuing to make his output available online.
On the Dark Day Escape Pod, expect road trip hopscotching across time and space from the morass of the morose to the cheerful earful, melodies from the mellow to the melodramatic, the sophomoric to the simply silly. Crank up the engine on the quirkymobile and strap yourself in for a delightfully dizzying detour down the rabbit hole.

Jim Dawson

Jim Dawson - The Ian Whitcomb Show, Wednesday, 7-9pm

Jim Dawson has written half a dozen books on early rock 'n' roll and rhythm and blues, including "What Was the First Rock 'n' Roll Record?" (1992, Faber & Faber), as well as over 100 album liner notes. He also wrote the 1999 top-selling "Who Cut the Cheese? A Cultural History of the Fart?" (Ten Speed Press), "The Compleat Motherfucker: A History of the Mother of All Dirty Words" (2009, Feral House), and "Los Angeles's Bunker Hill: Pulp Fiction's Mean Streets and Film Noir's Ground Zero!" (2012, History Press). He is the co-host of The Ian Whitcomb Show on Wednesday nights.

Sheryl Farber

Sheryl Farber - Splendor in the Grass - Saturdays 10:30AM - Noon PST

Sheryl Farber is here because her father spotted her mother from a Catskill mountain lounge bandstand. Teenage devouring of Shangri Las and Lesley Gore records landed her a place in NYC underground girl group The Pussywillows.

Since then, she's contributed vocals to a bunch of obscure records. She’s the co-producer of the Rhino boxed set One Kiss Can Lead to Another: Girl Group Sounds, Lost & Found, has worked on hundreds of Rhino releases as editorial

Kat Griffin

Kat Griffin – Madly Cocktail
Saturdays 5 PM - 7 PM

Kat Griffin started her career in radio at age 6 in the mirror with a hair brush and a love for The Partridge Family Album. Recognizing the need to develop her technique, she moved on to tightening up her back announce delivery by absconding with her dad's cassette recorder. These lost tapes were later discovered by her mother and sister in the middle school years, and were a source of many parental ponderings, like, "What the hell is she doing? Girls like her go to nursing school. Who wants to marry a crazy person who talks to herself in the bathroom?" Well, she showed them. Never one to quit anything or say no to any radio opportunity, Kat Griffin is an insanely busy public radio host as well as the LuxuriaMusic station den mother (duties include vacuuming the studio, filling the candy dish, and making sure the pens work). And to top it off, she married fellow public radio geek, Charmin Larman. Her parents were relieved.

Kristian Hoffman

Kristian Hoffman - Pepperland Spicerack - Sundays Noon - 2PM PT

The record collection of Pepperland Spicerack host Kristian Hoffman extends back to the first thrift shops he visited as a 15 year old, with a special emphasis on lite, twee, neurotic, baroque and eccentric international psychedelia from the late ’60s. Hoffman is most noted for writing the pop hits for ’80s cult legend Klaus Nomi, which were featured on all the artist’s CDs and in the recent Palm Pictures DVD "The Nomi Song". He also formed and wrote songs for the highly regarded CBGBs-era pop/punk band the Mumps with the notorious Lance Loud, breakout star of the seminal PBS documentary series "An American Family". Hoffman also has four solo CDs, including his most recent, "Fop" which the L.A. Examiner called ""Imaginative, playful, grandiose, beautiful, Wildean, disturbing, suggestive, evocative, an album that is at times both elegant and avant garde, both glam rock and modern orchestral symphony!" Previous to "Fop" he recorded an album of collaborations called, simply "&" - with notables such as Rufus Wainwright, Van Dyke Parks, Russell Mael (Sparks), Paul Reubens, Maria McKee and fellow Luxuriamusic DJ Michael Quercio. The L.A. Weekly called this CD “the record every fan of the Beatles, the Beach Boys, the Kinks and great songcraft in general has been pining for."

Carl Howard

CONSPIRACY!!Carl Howard - Space Patrol - Sundays @ 11am PT

Carl Howard, the unconscionable host of your one true SPACE PATROL, has a disturbingly long and checkered history with alternative music and media. In the 1980s he published a magazine dedicated to commercially unviable bands and composers called ARTITUDE, and operated the audiofile Tapes (aT) label and distribution network for fifteen years.