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Lina Litonjua


Lina Litonjua (nee Sedillo) is a life-long L.A. native from Wilmington, CA. Lina was a founding member of I.U.D., the first all-girl techno-punk band that no one had actually heard, but many claimed to have seen perform. Following that, she was bassist for San Pedro post-punk band, Peer Group, who were not well-known outside of San Pedro, but did once open for a 9-year old at the World Famous Whisky a Go-Go, as well as play in a few one-shot musical combos featuring Michael Quercio and Mike Watt.

She also worked for seminal Los Angeles punk band, The Plugz, and for their label Fatima Records, and was an active scenester of the burgeoning L.A. Punk scene of the late 70s/early 80s. She made a brief name for herself for creating a line of band pins made entirely out of pills, which she pithily dubbed “Pill Pinz”. Lina also produced the very first large scale punk show at Los Angeles Harbor College, starring The Plugz, a show which turned out to be the official debut of The Minutemen. You’re welcome!

Along with being wacky co-host of the Consortium, Lina also produces an occasional Saturday Night Special, usually featuring 70s music or Bubblegum, and often also finds herself married to Luxuria engineer, Colonel Rory, and mother of two grown-ass women. In her spare minutes, she also has an Etsy store called Ms. Paisley’s Parlor, where she sells her jewelry and other unique pieces of art and fun stuff. Little known fact: it was Lina’s long-ago red paisley dress that inspired the Paisley Underground name! This is why her not-so-secret identity is Ms. Paisley. Ask her about it sometime.

Lina believes that music is the glue that holds everything together, a belief born when her father came home from a shopping trip to buy work clothes with a bag of LPs instead. This is all she ever needed to know.

  • Philosophy of my radio show: Have a good time. ALL the time.
  • Artists you’ll hear on my show: Depending on which show I’m doing, everything from Prog to novelty records, Sajid Khan to Stevie Wonder, Paul Williams to Parliament Funkadelic, David Cassidy to The Dils.
  • To derive maximum pleasure from my radio show: Suspend disbelief.
  • When I’m not DJing I can be found: Reading, playing music, reading about music, ghost hunting, making miniature skulls, telling myself that one day I *will* indeed learn to play mandolin, by gum!
  • The secret super-power I possess: Knowing precisely, with preternatural accuracy, where IT’S at!



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