Host - The Nice Age

David Ponak


Host David Ponak has lived and breathed music for nearly as long as he’s been living and breathing. His DJ experiences ranges from his college radio days at UConn’s WHUS to Los Angeles public radio stations KCRW (where “The Nice Age” originated in 1998) and KPFK. He is one of the founding DJ’s at Luxuria Music. When not blending the sounds of the old and the new behind the wheels of steel, Ponak can be found crooning classics and originals with his neo-lounge outfit, Mello Cads.

  • Philosophy of my radio show: Anything can happen, as long as I deem it worthy!
  • Five artists LuxuriaMusic listeners will hear on my show: Steve & Eydie, The Chemical Brothers, The Divine Comedy, Childish Gambino, Paul Williams
  • To derive maximum pleasure from my radio show: Prepare yourself the libation of your pleasure, sit back, and relax.
  • When I’m not DJing I can be found: Haunting the live music venues of Los Angeles, martini in hand.
  • Secret superpower I possess: The ability to find the magic in the music of Kanye West!
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