Hostess - K.A.O.S. A-Go-Go

Agent Kari


Agent Kari plays music that serves as a soundtrack to the groovy ’60s lifestyle she’s created for herself with clothing, interior design & a psychedelic mindset. On her LuxuriaMusic show, she spins songs that fall under her personal definition of Go Go—upbeat music that makes her want to shake it up in a chaotic and colorful fashion. She loves to dance, and that passion has led her to discover many of her musical selections.

For the past eleven years, this host of K.A.O.S a Go-Go (Kari’s Audio Orbit Shindig) has traveled undercover to 1960s-themed parties in Europe, performing/go go dancing under the alias Mata Kari. She focuses on 60’s garage and psych, especially tracks with fuzzy guitar & crazy organ grooves; but also likes freakbeat, funky soul, trippy rock, sexy soundtracks & jazzy library music. She gets especially turned on if any of the above are sung in a foreign tongue!

  • Philosophy of my radio show: K.A.O.S. a Go-Go merges my psychedelic tunnel vision with the groove of a grown-up teen dance party, resulting in a kaleidoscope of musical FUN.
  • Artists LuxuriaMusic listeners will hear on my show: 13th Floor Elevators, Art Guy, Decades, Facts of Life, Fireball, The G’s, July, Les Sauterells, Los Savages, Lothar and the Hand People, The Outcasts, Science Poption, The New Dawn, Nobody’s Children & The Paragons.
  • To derive maximum pleasure from my radio show: Throw on a bright’n’bold outfit, TUNE IN, grab a cocktail to sip while dancing & FREAK OUT!
  • When I’m not DJing I can be found: Collecting Barbie dolls, searching for the ultimate pair of 60s go-go boots, designing my Pop Art Hotel that is soon to open, and yoga & meditation to calm the kaos!
  • Secret superpower I possess: To be revealed in the chat room during my show!
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