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Kristian Hoffman - Pepperland Spicerack - Sundays Noon - 2PM PT

The record collection of Pepperland Spicerack host Kristian Hoffman extends back to the first thrift shops he visited as a 15 year old, with a special emphasis on lite, twee, neurotic, baroque and eccentric international psychedelia from the late ’60s. Hoffman is most noted for writing the pop hits for ’80s cult legend Klaus Nomi, which were featured on all the artist’s CDs and in the recent Palm Pictures DVD "The Nomi Song". He also formed and wrote songs for the highly regarded CBGBs-era pop/punk band the Mumps with the notorious Lance Loud, breakout star of the seminal PBS documentary series "An American Family". Hoffman also has four solo CDs, including his most recent, "Fop" which the L.A. Examiner called ""Imaginative, playful, grandiose, beautiful, Wildean, disturbing, suggestive, evocative, an album that is at times both elegant and avant garde, both glam rock and modern orchestral symphony!" Previous to "Fop" he recorded an album of collaborations called, simply "&" - with notables such as Rufus Wainwright, Van Dyke Parks, Russell Mael (Sparks), Paul Reubens, Maria McKee and fellow Luxuriamusic DJ Michael Quercio. The L.A. Weekly called this CD “the record every fan of the Beatles, the Beach Boys, the Kinks and great songcraft in general has been pining for."

Kristian has also produced and arranged two albums for Ann Magnuson - "Pretty Songs and Ugly Stories" and "The Jobriath Tribute". He has toured extensively with Dave Davies (the Kinks) and Rufus Wainwright. He is currently the musical director of Brookledge Follies (see "The Magic Castle") and plays regularly with musicians who cover his songs such as Prince Poppycock and Timur Bekbosunov.

Philosophy of my radio show: Take your mind on a technicolor trip down late 60's/early 70's baroque and lite psych byways with detours into the damage psychedelia managed to inflict on other musical disciplines like easy listening and garage. Special emphasis on OSP's (other Sgt Peppers) and ORH's (other Richard Harrises) and as many foreign language versions of same as I can dig up! 

Five artists LuxuriaMusic listeners will hear on my show: Blossom Toes, Geranium Pond, Czerwone Gitary, the Rokes, Eric Charden 

To derive maximum pleasure from my radio show: Put on a Cossack Shirt, pour yourself a Maker's Mark Manhattan with an acid/meth floater and whip out Parker Bros.’ Tiny Tim Game of Beautiful Things. 

When I’m not DJing I can be found: Making music that I hope is beautiful with Ann Magnuson, Abby Travis, The Abe Lincoln Story, Prince Poppycock, Carolyn Edwards and my own band, Kristian Hoffman and the Rock Gods. 

Secret superpowers I possess: Keeping my Bee Gees records in the face of abject soul-destroying ridicule from my four brothers and two sisters and everyone at school.

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