Fiberglass Jungle playlist for 05/11/2013

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Artist Title Album Label Link
The Crossfires "Fiberglass Jungle" Out of Control Sundazed 1995
The Space Cossacks "Beyond the Third Star" Tsar Wars MuSick 2000
The Born Losers "Mindwaves" Cycle Guitars Kingsnake 2012
The Mighty Landshark "Space Race" The Mighty Landshark! Self Released 2011
The Galaxy Trio "Jack Lord’s Hair" Saucers Over Vegas Estrus 1994

Los Twang! Marvels "Cumana" Jungle of Twang Kamikaze 2008
Speedball Jr. "Beat Girl" Treble in Paradise Green Cookie 2011
Los Kahunas "California Custom" Otro Reverberante Encuentro con Los Kahunas No Fun 2007
Threesome "First Wave" Adriatica Double Crown 2011
The Razorblades "The Lonely Record Collector" Twang Machine General 2009

Spaghetti Western Set

Death Valley "The Larry Storch Song Trilogy" Que Pasta Double Naught 1994
Hugo Montenegro & His Orchestra "For a Few Dollars More" Music from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly RCA/Victor 1968
The Bambi Molesters "As the Dark Wave Swells" As the Dark Wave Swells Dancing Bear 2010
3 Balls of Fire "The Ecstacy of Gold" For a Few Guitars More Dancing Bear 2002
The Moe Greene Specials "The El Monte Case" The Moe Greene Specials Green Cookie 2005
Los Coronas "Un Buen Dia Para Morir" Adios Sancho Sony 2012

Satan’s Pilgrims "Peter Lorre" At Home With Empty 1995
Yuzo Kayama "Crazy Driving" Exciting Sounds of Yuzo Kayama & the Launchers CBS 1966
Cosmonauti "(Death of a) Matador" Just Surf OmOm 1998
The Revelaires "Where Did You Get That Bruise?" High Tide Kinkky Star 2001
The Looney Tunes "Lonely Tubes" Cool Surfin' Sympathy for the Record Industry 1994

Johnny and The Shamen "Stratosphere Mortuary Theme" Adventures in Espionage Turducken 1999
The Martian Denny Orchestra "It Was a Very Good Year" En El Espacio Sundazed 2012
New World Relampagos "Cancion de Vagabundo de “Alma de Dios”" New World Relampagos Sirena 2000
Exotic Guitars "Music to Watch Girls By" Those Were the Days Rainwood 1968
Robert Johnson & Punchdrunks "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" Fried On the Altar of Good Taste Silence 2000

Tone Set

The Surftones "Cecilia Ann" Surf Legends (and Rumors) Rockin’ Instrumentals: 1961-64 Garland 1988
The Wet Tones "Lightning Strike" Mucho Reverbo Ammonia 2004
The Supertones "The Sweet Ride" Original Music 1989-2003 Golly Gee 2004
The Vara-Tones "Ocean Meets Land" Headin' Out VeeTone 2006
The Shan-Tones "Sheba" Surf-Age Nuggets Rock Beat 2012

Messer Chups "Twin Peaks Twist" Heretic Channel Solzne 2009