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C'mon Live a Little! playlist for 08/18/2018

"C'mon! Live A Little!" Episode Two Hundred Twenty One

    1.    Lap Dance Club - Lalo Schifrin
    2.    Pero Hay Una Melena  - Wooky Toky
    3.    The Beggar - Les Chakachas
    4.    Dias De Vinho E Rosas - Sergio Carvalho
    5.    Te Veré En Septiembre - Marta Baizán
    6.    Seu Encanto - Marcos Valle

Nightscape #154: True grounds for happiness!

Freshly brewed for your distinctive taste in music, another Nightscape is waiting for you. All you have to do is show up and savor it. Tune in to Wednesday, November 15, at 3:00 PM pacific time. True grounds for happiness!
New Years Eve to New Years Day: 24 Hours of Cinematic Sounds from A to Z with The Encyclopedia of Soundtracks!
C'mon Live a Little! playlist for 01/06/2018

"C'mon! Live A Little!" Episode Two Hundred Seventy-Eight

    1.    Stand Up And Shout - Last Friday's Fire
    2.    Don't Ask For More - The Playthings
    3.    Connie 1400 AM - MCI Players
    4.    Start At The Bottom - The Newton Brothers
    5.    Golden One - Frank Fafara
    6.    Standing On the Corner - Michael Liggins

LuXmas: 24+ Hours of Holiday Cheer Christmas Eve to Christmas Day!
Outrage Radio playlist for 01/04/2018
C'mon Live a Little! playlist for 12/30/2017

"C'mon! Live A Little!" Episode Two Hundred Five

    1.    Cordobo - Rick Grossman
    2.    E Se Domani  - Orchestra Puccio Roelens
    3.    Dow De Dow Dow Dow - Stan Butcher
    4.    Two Divided By Love - The Ventures
    5.    The Human Spirit - Tony Randal & Lynn Redgrave
    6.    Carl's Cabana - Unknown

Outrage Radio playlist for 12/28/2017
Nightscape: Holiday Edition

For that holiday feeling, put on a special garment and pour yourself a refreshing beverage. Savor the season and give yourself a chance to just feel pretty. And while you’re at it, tune in to a holiday edition of Nightscape on December 20, 2017, 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM pacific time. Cheers, everyone. Best wishes for the holiday season!
C'mon Live a Little! playlist for 12/23/2017

"C'mon! Live A Little!" Episode Two Hundred Seventy-Two

    1.    Love Me Tonight - Ray Conniff
    2.    Back Jack Do It Again - Max Greger
    3.    Plymouth - Young & Rubicam
    4.    Brother (Title) - Adam Wade & Johnny Tate
    5.    Black Magic Woman - Rolf Kühn
    6.    Catalizzatore - Armando Sciascia