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dougee Dimensional is a singer/songwriter and co-producer for the music group The Gentle People, formed in 1993 in London England and reaching critical acclaim during the neo-lounge explosion of the late 1990's. To date they have released 2 Studio albums, 1 Itunes Exclusive LP, various ep’s and remixes and even a Peel Session for BBC as well as  variety of live band dates throughout Europe and Japan.

Alongside acting as lead vocalist for The Gentle People, dougee’s session work has also  been found on "Steppin Out" by Fantastic Plastic Machine, tracks by Readymade artist Mansfield, Copy Cat Project, Richard Les Crees, and the recent smash “Let’s Go to a Disco” recorded by Ursula 1000. Dougee has been DJing at a variety of fantastic venues around this fabulous planet we inhabit.

In the past few years he has found spinning in Sicily and all around Italy, London,  LA & San Francisco, Australia, Japan, Spain, France, Portugal, Russia and even Kazakhstan.  His DJ style goes anywhere from traditional lounge to psychedelic electronica old and new. He has even put together music for a few Catwalk shows in Paris (Keita Maruyama 2000, Carousel, Louvre)  and London and a variety of events in New York City. He recently relocated back to Los Angeles after a 17 year hiatus and can now be heard on for your listening pleasure.


  • Philosophy of my radio show: To expose the listener to many lost sounds, groups, and groovy songs that rock my world and hopefully will bring as much joy to the listener as it does to myself!
  • Five artists LuxuriaMusic listeners will hear on my show: Liz Damon and the Orient Express, Enoch Light and the Light Brigade, Claudine Longet, The Fifth Dimension, Hugo Montenegro, Bertrand Burgalat, The Go Team, Ursula 1000 and many more...
  • To derive maximum pleasure from my radio show: Get naked, Jump in the Jacuzzi and open up a bottle of red wine!!!!
  • When I’m not DJing: I can be found watching ghost hunters, talking on the phone, organizing the next social gathering and selling houses!!
  • Secret superpower I possess: I am able to organize 15 events simultaneously as well acting in 15 different roles at the same time as well.
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