Allen D. Glass II

Allen D. Glass II -The Harm Reductionist- Special Content Producer
The Harm Reductionist is an international film artist, musicologist, archivist, hallucinaturalist, professor of psychology, and a member of the Photo Archive Group, which preserves the American history of genocide in Southeast Asia. He has collaborated extensively with Wadada Leo Smith; Revolutionary Ensemble and Empty Cage Quartet. Poet Dorothea Grossman once wrote the following text about his films: "Humankind in the unfamiliar landscape, composing itself rhythmically and even lovingly into poetry. Nature as mammal music. The Life Dance, Foreign smells. And silences that are, of course, their own music.

Philosophy of my radio show: 
Clean Needle Exchange brings it to you personally with only original 45s and LPs for your SWEET SOUL listening pleasures. ZERO reissues, digital files, laptops, iPhones, or YouTube. Nothing watered down, nothing diluted. 100% sonic harm reduction at your favorite safe injection site, soul alive every Friday from 3 to 5!

Five artists LuxuriaMusic listeners will hear on my show: 
O.V. Wright, Jackie Shane, The Mask Man and the Agents, Swamp Dogg, The Sensational Cymbals, and voices from the shadows.

To derive maximum pleasure from my radio show: 
Sit right there in your rocking chair, read Shakespeare, drink root beer, and hold on to your wigs and keys for two hours of soul power!

Secret superpowers I possess: 
I'm gonna tear you a new heart!

When I'm no DJing I can be found: 
Bless my soul, mama you got to know, with love in them there hills.