LuxuriaMusic DJ Profiles


David Ponak

David Ponak - The Nice Age  - Thursdays 7-9 PM PST

Host David Ponak has lived and breathed music for nearly as long as he's been living and breathing. His DJ experiences ranges from his college radio days at UConn's WHUS to Los Angeles public radio stations KCRW (where "The Nice Age" originated in 1998) and KPFK. He is one of the founding DJ's at Luxuria Music. When not blending the sounds of the old and the new behind the wheels of steel, Ponak can be found crooning classics and originals with his neo-lounge outfit, Mello Cads. 

Howie Pyro

width=Intoxica Radio with Howie Pyro 
Tuesdays 9-11 PM, PST (Karloffornia Time)

Intoxica Radio host Howie Pyro has been collecting records since his parents started taking him to garage sales as a kid. His love of monsters & weirdness drew him to buy records that are just being discovered today as obscure gems. Pyro spins primitive 50's & 60's rhythms from 45's from the deep underbelly of the original rock & roll era. Pyro has traveled the world as a musician, and he has played, recorded and written with such diverse artists as Johnny Thunders, Ronnie Spector, Joey Ramone, Rancid, Genesis P-Orridge, Danzig, D Generation, Kid Congo Powers (Cramps, Gun Club, Nick Cave & Bad Seeds), Debbie Harry, Jayne County, Alan Vega and others. Howie has also done a lot of music supervision work for films & TV, is a well known Disc Jockey, and has deejayed for everyone from the Cramps to Christina Aguilera, Cinespia and did the Hollywood premiere party for the TV series Mad Men as well as the annual Johnny Ramone/Ramones event at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Howie is recently back from a massively successful 6 week DJing tour of Europe . Pyro taps into his 30,000+ strong collection of odd records every week on Intoxica.

Michael Quercio

Michael QuercioMichael Quercio - The Michael Quercio Paisley Underground Consortium
Sundays 4:00 – 6:00 PM PT

Native of the South Bay (Carson, CA), Michael formed The Salvation Army (a rockin’ psychedelic/punk hybrid) during those early halcyon days of the burgeoning L.A. punk scene of the late 1970s/early 1980s.  After the real Salvation Army took offense, he changed the name of the band to The Three O’ Clock, taking on a more pop approach.  Along with The Bangs (later Bangles), The Rain Parade, The Dream Syndicate and other bands, they formed the nucleus of what later came to be known as the Paisley Underground, a musical genre born in Los Angeles, CA.  

After the break-up of The Three O’ Clock, he did stints in the bands Game Theory and Permanent Green Light before forming The Jupiter Affect.  Through it all he never stopped buying records, which accounts for a collection so vast and varied it would make you cry. Here, have a tissue.

JC Rees

JC Rees - Special Needs
Fridays 9 to 11 PM PT

Pretty posters and patchouli alone do not psychedelia make 

Poet, punk, deviant, mystic, vandal, freak, JC Rees is a founding member of The Warlocks, a Los Angeles band, and the weekly host of the Special Needs Radio Broadcast . His work has been published in journals, chapbooks, and local & foreign zines. He has been photographed around the world. You may hear ambient soundscapes, urban field recordings, golden era sha-la-la, 70's skronk, 80's noise, Kraut Rock, Burger records, the record with the banana, 90's Dim Sum, greasy Chicken, Entrance, No Exit, brass, Chimes, tablas, Reid Flemming, Flaming Carrot, strings, dogs, Twee As Fuck, dirty disco, bootleg cassettes, unlabeled test pressings, thrift scores, Limited Edition signed and numbered, Bespoke, Cooper Clarke, Chantilly Lace, I Love My Leather Jacket, Funk Soul Brother, Basketball Jones, American Psycho, John Rechy, Bill Drummond, Jullian Cope, Greta X, the occasional special guest to big to mention, all artistically mixed and curated with tomorrows best new music. Enjoy

Count Reeshard

Count Reeshard
NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT with Count Reeshard & Lee-Roy
Saturdays 9-11 PM, PST

Late on a given Saturday, Count Reeshard & Lee-Roy will be found manning the DJ booth at the Purple Bat Lounge, a dive bar on Brush St. in downtown Detroit once described as a "frabjous sort of place in a decidedly vorpal neighborhood." It is there that Reeshard, a hairless former rock critic, and Lee-Roy, a brindled pit bull with an outsized id, spin four sets of uptempo, ill-mannered tunes geared to dancing and short-term memory loss — in a phrase: Bad Music for Bad People. The unmistakable ambiance of the Purple Bat is very much a part of the show's fabric, as are sundry local characters frequenting the place: LaWanda (a six-foot tall bartender who moonlights as a dominatrix); Nice Guy Eddie (frenemy to Lee-Roy, an irascible tuxedo cat working at a rival bar down the block); Lotsa Poppa (a local pimp whose Maserati is parked out front); and, much beloved of longtime N.C.I.P. listeners, Uncle Morty, proprietor of the Midnight Mobile Dispensary, a filthy former ice cream truck "that no longer sells popsicles." Morty drives by at the 10 pm mark, when we learn of new strains on his truck topping this week's Cheeba Chart™. There are no contemplative moments involving ambient music during No Condition Is Permanent. The show is fast, noisy, tattered at the edges and fully capable of breaking your lease, should you need that.

Dr. Sauce

Dr. Sauce - Time Tunnel
Tuesdays 3 - 5 PM PT

Time Tunnel host, Dr. Sauce (Shannon Michael Smith) has been entertaining the masses in a variety of ways since his first radio show at Stanford University in the early '90s (The Travel Bar). He was an upstanding member of these fine groups: The Vulcaneers, The Dukes of Hamburg, The Astronauts, Ye Olde English, and Oceans 11. He also assisted on Danny Weizman's legendary spoken word album, " The Wet Dog Shakes" (New Alliance/SST) and Skankin' Pickle's ska/punk classic, "Sing Along With Skankin' Pickle". When Shannon isn't cranking out screenplays or scouring the globe for more music to add to his vast collection, you can find him PA announcing for the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes, the High-A baseball club of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Gary Schneider

Gary SchneiderGary A. Schneider - Open Mynd Excursion, Wednesdays  9 pm - 11 pm  PST

Gary is the owner/operator of OPEN MYND COLLECTIBLES, a business that deals with but not limited to the collecting and selling of airchecks (radio broadcasts). OMC was established in 1992 and has grown from under a hundred titles to a couple thousand presently! Gary has been referenced in several books, CD liner notes, documentaries etc. for his opinion and experience with radio broadcasts of the 50’s and 60’s!
He has been collecting and archiving airchecks since the mid-1970’s! He is also a collector of Garage Band records, tapes, CD’s, DVD’s etc. With a collection of close to 65,000 albums and 15,000 CD’s it’s a wonder he has time to even listen to and archive his aircheck collection, which is about 2500 and growing daily!
“Originally from Massachusetts, I moved to California when I was 15 in June 1967......just as the Summer Of Love was happening! Radio had a huge impact on me back then.....there was the a.m. powerhouse in L.A., KHJ, followed by KRLA and KFWB! Underground FM was just coming into existence around that time also! It was the ultimate trip to be around to hear those amazing sounds on a transistor radio! The music of 1964 to 1969 has been a major influence on my life ever since!” · Philosophy of my radio show: Presenting some of the best and most unique radio broadcasts from the past · Five artists LuxuriaMusic listeners will hear on my show: Unlimited, from Folk/Rock to R&B to Psychedelic to POP artists from 1955 to present day! · To derive maximum pleasure from my radio show: Close your eyes, sit back, put your feet up and let your mynd float back to the glory days of AM BOSS Radio and Underground FM broadcasts! · When I’m not DJing I can be found: Archiving airchecks and searching for the ultimate music trypp! Secret superpower I possess: Mynd Traveling.

Ronn Spencer

Ronn SpencerRonn Spencer - Special Content Producer

Ronn Spencer ("Art Fraud") is a disc jockey and a graphic designer/photographer (Sex Pistols, Dead Boys, Angry Samoans, Marshall Crenshaw, Buddy Guy, Talking Heads, Avengers, Gears, Controllers, Gregg Turner and Alejandro Escovedo. He also co-hosted (with Gene Sculatti) and produced two notorious L.A. radio programs: Unprovoked Attack (KPFK-FM, 1979-80) and The Cool and the Crazy (KCRW-FM, 1984-88). He has taught photography and design at the University of Arizona and Charles Sturt University in Australia.

Steve Stanley

DJ Steve StanleySteve Stanley - The Now Sounds - Mondays, 6:00PM - 8:00PM, PST
Steve Stanley is a Los Angeles-based graphic designer, reissue producer, musician, author, and host of LuxuriaMusic’s The Now Sounds Of Steve Stanley. His band, The Now People, released The Last Great 20th Century Love Affair on Parasol Records/Birdsong in 2006. 


Strike's Kitsch Niche  - Sundays 8-11 PM PST
The longest-running show on Luxuriamusic, Strike's Kitsch Niche has been loved and banned worldwide for nearly a generation. But who is this mysterious “Strike”? Where is he from? What does he want? Who will inherit his one-of-a-kind massive collection of incredibly strange music and solid funk records when he departs this mortal coil? Can I become fake friends with him so it will be me? Who will create odd characters hosting fake shows or do horrible impersonations when he's gone? No one knows for sure, but this much is known: We must be alert and vigilant, and continue to monitor his show week in and week out. Perhaps the answer is already there, waiting to be unearthed. Or, perhaps not. Either way, the world is a better place because of it.