LuxuriaMusic DJ Profiles


Kristian Hoffman

Kristian Hoffman - Pepperland Spicerack - Sundays Noon - 2PM PT

The record collection of Pepperland Spicerack host Kristian Hoffman extends back to the first thrift shops he visited as a 15 year old, with a special emphasis on lite, twee, neurotic, baroque and eccentric international psychedelia from the late ’60s.

Hoffman is most noted for writing the pop hits for ’80s cult legend Klaus Nomi, which were featured on all the artist’s CDs and in the recent Palm Pictures DVD The Nomi Song. He also formed and wrote songs for the highly regarded CBGBs-era pop/punk band the Mumps with the notorious Lance Loud, breakout star of the seminal PBS documentary series An American Family. Hoffman also has three solo CDs. His latest release— called simply

Carl Howard

CONSPIRACY!!Carl Howard - Space Patrol - Sundays @ 11am PT

Carl Howard, the unconscionable host of your one true SPACE PATROL, has a disturbingly long and checkered history with alternative music and media. In the 1980s he published a magazine dedicated to commercially unviable bands and composers called ARTITUDE, and operated the audiofile Tapes (aT) label and distribution network for fifteen years.

Lee Joseph

Lee JosephLee Joseph - Over Under Sideways Down  - Over Under Sideways Down
Wednesdays - 5 - 7 PM PT

Lee Joseph’s Over Under Sideways Down presents a different themed show each episode, bringing the LuxuriaMusic listeners two hours sounds from numerous sections of his record shelves, along with monthly special guests including  many he has worked with on Dionysus and Bacchus Archives releases, and other local underground pop-culture luminaires.

Agent Kari

DJ Agent KariAgent Kari - K.A.O.S. A-Go-Go - Fridays 7-9 PM

Agent Kari plays music that serves as a soundtrack to the groovy ’60s lifestyle she’s created for herself with clothing and interior design. On her LuxuriaMusic show, she spins songs that fall under her personal definition of Go Go—upbeat music that makes her want to shake it up in a chaotic and colorful fashion. She loves to dance, and that passion has led her to discover many of her musical selections.

Paul Kennedy

Paul KennedyPaul Kennedy - Nightscape - Wednesday -  3 - 5 PM PT

Paul Kennedy has been exposed to a variety of music since his childhood. His father was a jazz musician and a music teacher, so it was hard not to be interested in music. Paul's first experience with a turntable was at about age 8, spinning The Grand Canyon Suite on the family record player. Later, as a teenager, his interests moved to pop 60s music. The first record he bought was Between The Buttons by The Rolling Stones. In 1969, after joining the Navy, Paul was stationed in the Bay Area, where he took in concerts at the Fillmore West, Winterland, and The Family Dog.

Charmin' Larman

Charmin' Larman - Thee Charm School - Thursdays 6PM - 8PM PT

Music has possessed Charmin' Larman his entire life. At an early age he was exposed to many different sounds. Thanks in part his parents who are public radio legends. One of the key defining moments was seeing Lightnin' Hopkins perform. It had a profound impact on the youngster. He can still envision in his head the smoking jacket that the blues legend was wearing on stage.

Lina Lecaro

 Hot Licks with Lina - Sundays, 2-4pm, PT

Lina Litonjua

Lina LitonjuaLina Litonjua - The Michael Quercio Paisley Underground Consortium
Sundays 4:00 – 6:00 PM PT

Lina Litonjua (formerly Sedillo) from Wilmington, CA , was the Chang  to Michael Quercio’s Eng in the early 80’s. Lina was an original member of I.U.D., the first all-girl techno-punk band that no one ever heard.  Later on, she was bassist for San Pedro post-punk band Peer Group, who were also not well-known but who did once open for a 9-year old at the Whisky a Go-Go.

She also worked for seminal Los Angeles Latino punk band The Plugz and their label, Fatima Records, which led to fascinating encounters with the original cast of The Pee Wee Herman Show, as well as cooking rice and beans for Ray Manzarek of The Doors.

Andy McKaie

Andy McKaie - The Caravan
Thursdays - 4 - 5 PM PT

A certifiable music junkie, Andy McKaie creates the weekly Caravan for fellow musicaholics. Each week’s show is conceptual, drawing on recordings from the ‘20s to today, pop to punk, rock ‘n’ roll to blues, R&B to jazz.

JC Rees and Ashley Jean Nelson

JC Rees and Ashley Jean Nelson - Special Needs
Fridays 9 to 11 PM PT

On an autumn morning in 2007, JC parked his van underneath Ashley's Echo Park bedroom window blasting KLF's 3 AM Eternal?€? it was 6 am, and the collaboration began. Poets, punks, and mystics in a modern world; they've been published in journals, chapbooks, and local & foreign zines. JC is a founding member of The Warlocks, a Los Angeles band. Ashley is a yoga teacher who was born, lives, and drives in LA. We all have special needs. Pretty posters and patchouli alone do not psychedelia make.