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Nightscape playlist for 12/13/2008

Nightscape #65 with Paul Kennedy

The Crystal Telephone with Rotary Rachel

is not currently scheduled.
Rotary Rachel

Luxotron 10000

cool eclectic fun
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Nightscape playlist for 11/08/2008

NIghtscape #64 features strings with a Latin twist and more, featuring Edmundo Ros, Perez Prado, Mort Garson, and Yuzo Hayashi & Salon '68.

Thrifting for Tunes playlist for 09/20/2008

First airing on September 6 (repeat on September 20)
This month's show is a little bit more guitar-oriented than our last couple of vibes-heavy shows... Plus, we've also got a couple of songs by our artist of the month, the Non-Tiki Tiki Tune of the Day, and a new cocktail creation (inspired by a Don the Beachcomber drink that dates back to the 1930s)...

Further details:

Nightscape playlist for 06/14/2008


Come To The Sunshine (rebroadcast)

is not currently scheduled.
Andrew Sandoval

Bubblegum & Other Delights: A Little Bit o' Bubble Soul Spectacular!

I don't know what more to say about tonite's Bubble Soul Spectacular on Bubblegum & Other Delights other than that it will star Fleagle, Mushmouth, Meadowlark Lemon, Snorky, Tito Jackson, the Rock Flowers and a host of other great soul strutters! Hope to see you in my chat room at the new & improved LuxuriaMusic. com! * Becky (Agent Bubble O'Soul) * Host of Bubblegum & Other Delights * 7 to 9 p.m. PST each Friday * LuxuriaMusic. com * PS: Be sure to tune into my fellow-Agent Kari's Lux show K.A.O.S. a Go-Go tonite at 5 p.m. too!


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