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douggie Dimensional meets Tura Satana and Haji from "Faster Pussycat Kill Kill"

Luxuriamusic loves Tura Satana...
and we'll never forget her!

dD Sound Machine Presents: Guest DJ Wendy Melvoin of Wendy and Lisa This Friday the 20th of February 2009!!

Hey Luxuria listeners,

Don't miss this Friday night as dD Sound Machine presents guest DJ Wendy Melvoin of Wendy and Lisa. This is a first in a series of guest DJ
events that dougee will be engineering so watch out when Girl Bros.
Radio comes to you this Friday night. Join us at LUXURIAMUSIC.COM to listen to our very own DJ Wendy spin
her fave music while you get ready for your Friday night.
Lisa will be on the chat, so you can ask questions and be a part of the fun!

dD Sound Machine Friday the 13th 2009!!! And all of you Peggy Lee Fans, check this out!!

<IMG SRC="">
Hope you won't miss tonights fabulous Valentines Eve Extravaganza on
I also wanted you to see some great artwork by my friend Norn Cutson from New York.
You can check out more of his groovy artwork at
and of course, this is a great image from the Peggy Lee Mirrors LP.
tune in tonight!!!

The dD Sound Machine Valentines Eve Extravaganza!!!!

So many people either love or hate Valentines Day. However you feel, it is emotion that you are feeling. Yes, emotion. And emoting is what we will do through music. Yes, music I say!!!! Now get out your red pen, push the pen to the paper and right down a little reminder to yourself that Friday the 13th is a night you will not, i repeat, will not miss. dD Sound Machine wants to be your emotional soundtrack for the eve of St. Valentine's Day!!! At 9pm, the grandfather clock will chime and at that precise moment the music shall begin.
Now that wasn't too hard, was it?????

dougee Dimensional will be spinning live on Friday the 13th of February from 9pm to 11pm (PST) on

dD Sound Machine returning Friday the 23rd!!! South of the Border Special!!!

Dougee Dimensional has finally returned to the North American continent after travels in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.
And what trip wouldn't be complete without some extraordinary musical finds!!! 
This being my first radio show of the year, Join me on January 23rd at 9pm for two hours of latin-esque lullaby's and Brazilian beats and the usual groovy goodies that inspire at any particular moment.
Mark your calendar.

The lovely Felacity Dickman will be manning the chatroom and we might even pull up the Stickcam for all you webcam nuts!!!

Spend some time with an indulgent Mufti!

Delight, Luxurians, in the sheer, star-spangled GLOH-REE!

dD Sound Machine: Christmas in Brazil (Live in Rio) December the 19th!!!

The festive Season is here and what better way to celebrate your holiday than to log into and check out dougee Dimensional Holiday Music Show!!

It's happening live on December 19th, 2008 at 9pm Pacific time and you probably can catch the rebroadcast the following friday or download the podcast about a day after it airs!

I will be spinning my favorite hoiday frivolities as well as special bossa and samba grooves as Myself, Felacity, and Bjiou soak in the hot Brazilian sunshine in Rio De Janeiro!!!
Join us for all the holiday fun and unfortunately we won't be on the chat room this time as It is going to be difficult enough DJing from South America.

Catch up with you all in the New Year. Love, dougee Dimensional dD Sound Machine

C'mon! Live A Little! You Have Nothing To Lose But Your Chains!

It's no secret that the Beatles had an anti-American agenda. They were, after all, communist agents.

We here at Luxuria Music have always tried to do our part to keep the evil influence of the Beatles from infiltrating our playlists. Except, that is, for that one day a year when we celebrate the death of their leader, John "Vladimir Ilyich" Lennon. Every year on the aniversary of his assassination, we take a little time out from our holiday shopping to gloat at the heroic removal of this most insidious agent of chaos.

I'm sure you all remember "C'mon Live A Little's" glorious paticipation in this grand event. This Saturday, we'll take a fond look back at Lux's Big Beatles Day. What (aside from senseless violence) could be more all-American than reruns?

LuxuriaMusic to Beatles: “Got to Get You Out of My Life” on Dec. 8

Internet Radio Station Stages Annual Salute Number 9, Number 9…

LOS ANGELES, CALIF.–In observance of the 28th anniversary of  John Lennon's  death, Internet radio station LuxuriaMusic (  will celebrate  the music of the Beatles in its own quirky way on Monday, December 8: by not playing one single Beatles performance. Instead,  LuxuriaMusic DJs will dig deep  into their CD and vinyl vaults to spin a solid 24 hours of artists--from the sublime to the psychotic--covering Beatles songs. This marks the station’s ninth annual  observation of Beatles Day.

The Akron-Montreal Crossover Shows!!!

The Green Hornet and Kato meet the Dynamic Duo...

The Clampetts visit Petticoat Junction...

Ritchie and the Fonz double-date Laverne and Shirley...

Boss Hogg downs some chow at Mel's Diner...

 And now... John T and Tothar team up for the Akron-Montreal Crossover Shows!!!

 Proving that DJs know no borders, on Sunday, December 7th, LuxuriaMusic's Thrifting for Tunes and The Beyondophonic Action Hour will come together for a two-hour affirmation of civic pride!


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