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This Saturday: "C'mon! Live A Little" Celebrates Its One Hundredth Episode!

Clean Up This Weekend With "C'mon! Live A Little!"

We know you've got a lot of work to do this weekend, picking clean whatever carcasses you still have lying around after your Thursday food orgy. But that's no reason not to spend an hour with "Cmon! Live A Little" this Saturday afternoon. Hell, around here we're all about slim pickings and barrel-bottom scraping. If you want, you can even turn the volume down so's you can barely hear it. We won't mind.

How Can "C'mon! Live A Little" Help Your Business?

We're not so sure that it can, to be honest. But if your employees work a regular Monday through Friday work week like any sane individual does, perhaps they're spending one of their hours away from your control listening to our fine Saturday afternoon (3PM PST) program.

Frankly, if we were you, we'd take the necessary steps to nip this kind of behavior in the bud. But hey: it's YOUR business. Perish forbid you'd want to take any advice from the likes of us. Just sayin'!

Don't just SIT at your computer !

Engage with it! Utilize its ability to support rich, easy-to-comprehend audio media!

We invite you to try out your equipment's exciting features this Saturday at 3PM (PST), during our transmission of this week's episode of "Come On! Live A Little!"

Along with mercifully brief spoken segments by host Derrick Bostrom, you'll hear all the music you never dared hope to hear on a computer. If past episodes are indication, it's bound to be worth your while. Besides, it's only an hour.

C'mon! Live A Little! You Have Nothing To Lose But Your Chains!

It's no secret that the Beatles had an anti-American agenda. They were, after all, communist agents.

We here at Luxuria Music have always tried to do our part to keep the evil influence of the Beatles from infiltrating our playlists. Except, that is, for that one day a year when we celebrate the death of their leader, John "Vladimir Ilyich" Lennon. Every year on the aniversary of his assassination, we take a little time out from our holiday shopping to gloat at the heroic removal of this most insidious agent of chaos.

I'm sure you all remember "C'mon Live A Little's" glorious paticipation in this grand event. This Saturday, we'll take a fond look back at Lux's Big Beatles Day. What (aside from senseless violence) could be more all-American than reruns?

"The World's Greatest Sinner" TONITE on TCM

Consult your local listings!

You Can't Go Wrong Here

Here's a bunch of promos from some short-lived television shows from the sixties.

It's nine minutes of pure diversion!

C'mon! Let's Live A Little A Lot!

Bing Crosby was an early pioneer of pre-recording. He felt that avoiding live broadcasting gave him greater control over the content of his programs and greater leverage with his sponsors. It also worked wonders on his golf scores. "C'mon Live A Little" host Derrick Bostrom has always felt that what's good enough for Bingle is good enough for him. You never know -- sometimes Saturday afternoon at 3pm (Pacific Time) is the perfect time to cut the grass, run a few errands, or even grab the wife and take a trip out of town.

Another Super Saturday on "C'mon Live A Little!"

Here at Bostworld Headquarters, we look forward to Saturday as we do no other day of the week. If we didn't know better, we'd think it was Friday, we love it so much.  In fact, we can't wait for you to get Internet radio in your car, so we can provide drive-time programming for those unfortunates for whom Saturday might as well be Friday.

Ah! Un Poco De Live!

Sometimes we've gotta wonder about "C'mon Live A Little" host Derrick Bostrom: is he lazy, stupid or just inconsiderate? 

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