Where in the Realm is Rotary Rachel?

Ah, glad you asked!  The host of The Crystal Telephone, DJ Rotary Rachel, is still in Chicago doing intense field investigations of its landline communications network (or POTS, in industry lingo).
In the mean (and it is, to be sure, QUITE mean) time, why not use this opportunity to catch up with Rachel's show from September 25th, with the hysterical comedian Blaine Capatch as her very special guest?
Simply tune to Luxuria at Rachel's regular time, 6 pm PT this very evening, and chat5 like your funny bone depends on it... because, in fact, it just very well might!

Rachel returns to Luxuria LIVE on October 23rd!  Don't miss it!

Get natural this evening with West Coast Fog radio!

Laid back fuzzers, Inland Empire Hobbit rock, California raga...
Bobby Beausoleil, Aashish Khan, Grateful Dead, Farm Band...
Join "Goodtime" Erik Bluhm Tuesdays from 7 to 9 PST

Back in the s-s-s-saddle!


Tonight we're live again from 7-9 PST!
Repeats are soooo last week!

"Good Time" DJ Erik Bluhm promises you'll be glued to your tiny computer speakers for the full two hours, hyp-motized by the sounds of the Twiggs, Phananganang, Strawberry Window, the Painted Ship, the New Age, the Grateful Dead, Country Weather, and all your fave west coast bead-wearers!


West Coast Fog is Dead! For tonight anyway!

West Coast Fog radio tonight with your host "Good Time" Erik Bluhm
Streaming live from 7-9 PST on Luxuria!
Tune in for hazy California nugs from the Dead, New Riders, Tripsichord, and Canned Heat. And since we never made it to the Pop Festival last week, we'll do it tonight and mingle with Mad River and Iron Butterfly!


Come Celebrate Disneyland's 55th Birthday on the Kitsch Niche!! Monday, July 19th from 7 - 10 pm PST

It's that time of year again!  Disneyland is turning 55, and Strike's got 3 hours of fun, rare, kooky Disney audiobilia to make your mouse ears perk up!  Ride music, Disneyland label 45's, Excerpts from the 1964 World's Fair, and much more!  Definitely an E-ticket's worth of fun!

Listen via your computer or stream live on your mobile phone, via Shoutcast.  Can't make it?  Download it from the podcast page any time after.

"S-T-R"..."R" you kidding me?  "I-K-E"..."E's got a bloody big lot of Disney music, 'e 'as"...K-I-T-sch Niche!"

Thrifting for Tunes - Lee Hazlewood Birthday Special 2010...

Time once again for my annual Lee Hazlewood birthday special... a delight to some listeners, an irritation (so I'm told) to others.

Celebrate Lee's birthday (July 9) on Sunday, July 11 at 9 pm (east) / 6 pm (west) with a whole slew of foreign-language Hazlewood covers this year... Dutch, Hebrew, Cantonese, Finnish, Czech, and more!


 FOG upon the address!

West Coast Fog gets submerged into FOLK ROCK tonight from 7-9 PST with your host "Good Time" Erik Bluhm

Tune in to hear rare California mid-60s 45 recordings from the jinglers and the janglers. The Byrds, Basil and the Baroques, The Roosters, The Insects, and lots of other pre-psych, pilgrim-belted troubadours. 99% seven-inch vinyl for a true "head" experience! 

Just go to to listen. 

Live "Come To The Sunshine" with Rotary Rachel Monday @ 4PM (1/11/10)


Join Strike Monday night, Jan., 11th from 7 - 10 pm PST, as he looks back at the best moments of 2009's Kitsch Niche shows.  You'll hear all of your favorite skits, songs, fake commercials, and zany promos he's produced over the last year.  Hey, maybe you'll finally get to hear that Sgt. Carter Alarm Clock commercial you're kicking yourself in the head for missing!

Can't make it?  Download it as a podcast from our website any time after the show airs!!

The Best of the Kitsch Niche - 3 minutes of pure comedy!!

"TROPICALI" Pretty World Brazilian Psychedelic Trip

Tropicalia and Beyond (revisited)

"My long-suffering people said farewell to their pain to see a band go by - playing love songs" - Chico Buarque (from his song 'A Banda')

The 'Tropicalia' music of the late '60s and early '70s, in many ways, followed the trends of the UK and US: protest songs, psychedelic experimentation, a hippy return to strumming and shouting, heavy rock-glam and so on. Yet, distinct elements of traditional Brazilian culture were embedded (both sincerely and ironically) within the Tropicalia movement creating a unique musical world cohabited by the old and new - and also its fair share of controversy.
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