THE NOW SOUNDS help you SMiLE this Monday, Nov. 14 @ 6pm (PST)!

The Kitsch Niche Presents The HIGH HOLY DAYS COMEDY SPECIAL Live Via Satellite From Boca Ratan, FL - Sunday, Sept. 25 @ 8 pm PST

Come celebrate what Jews do best - COMEDY! Join Herb Splotznick and Myron Schpitzel live from the Levi's JCC in Boca Ratan, FL as they host 3 hours of the funniest bits, novelty songs, and bad jokes that'll make you atone for a year of sins! You never know what'll happen when these nebbish octagenarians take the stage! Sunday, Sept. 25 starting at 8 pm PST, or catch the rebroadcast Friday, Sept. 30 at 11 am PST, or download the podcast from the Luxuriamusic/Kitsch Niche podcast page anytime after the show airs!

"Come To The Sunshine" fifth anniversary show 9/12/11 from 1-6pm (pacific)

Andrew Sandoval's
"Come To The Sunshine" turns five on Monday 9/12/11 with a special, five-hour Hot 100 countdown! Culled from the more than 3,000 songs the show has spun by over 800 artists, your host has tabulated the most played artists and songs to comprise a one-of-a-kind countdown.

To celebrate the show's fifth anniversary, "Come To The Sunshine" has also been launched as a Podcast series via iTunes or Podomatic

Catch the TIKI OASIS Broadcasts Exclusively on Luxuriamusic Labor Day Weekend!

Tiki Oasis 11

Tiki Oasis Luxuriamusic Labor Day Schedule

 Friday, Sep. 2:
Surfer Joe's Boss Combo - 5:00 pm
Tiki Joe's Ocean - 6:00 pm
Bali Hai DJ Party Part 1 - 7:15 pm
(Featuring Strike and Switched-on Audrey)
Radio Readymade (live) - 9:00 pm
Hawaiian or Space” – Felacity Dickman welcomes Miss Honeymink Foxmeister and our own Dougee Dimensional of The Gentle People.)
Bali Hai DJ Party Part 2 - 11:00 pm
(Featuring Strike and Switched-on Audrey)
Saturday, Sep. 3
Meet and Greet DJ set 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
(Featuring Strike with special guests)
Marty Lush - 4:45 pm
Mark & the Escorts 5:30 pm
The Crystal Telephone (live) - 6:00 pm
The fabulous Michael Des Barres returns to The Crystal Telephone w/ Rotary Rachel)
Big Sandy & Los Straightjackets - 8:00 pm
Latin a Go Go Party - 9:30 pm
(Featuring Howie Pyro, Switched-on Audrey, & Strike)

Sunday, Sep. 4:
Luxuria Booth DJ Sets - 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
(Featuring Strike, Jack Fetterman & Gina of the Jungle, Phast Phreddie, Howie Pyro, Switched-on Audrey, Derek Yaniger, Shag, David Ponak, & Andrew Sandoval)
Frankie's Baja Marimba Mania - 5:00 pm
Orchestra Superstring6:00 pm
Crazy Antics with Kitten on the Keys and King Kukulele - 6:40 pm
Jack Costanzo - 7:00 pm
HERB 8:00 pm

Monday, Labor Day, Sep. 5:
Luxuria Booth DJ Sets
- 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm
(Featuring Strike, Java, Jack Fetterman & Gina of the Jungle, The Great Gaylord, Switched-on Audrey, Bigtoe, & David Ponak)
The Hula Girls - 6:00 pm
Don Tiki (2 sets) - 7:00 pm

The Move "Come To The Sunshine" today @ 4pm (pacific)

On Monday, August 15th, "Come To The Sunshine" will Move to the sounds of Roy Wood, Carl Wayne, Trevor Burton, Bev Bevan, Ace Kefford, Rick Price and Jeff Lynne. Yes, that's right: THE MOVE.
Tune in at 4PM (pacific)/7PM (eastern)/12 midnight (GMT) to for two hours of rare radio recordings, vintage vinyl and astounding covers from Birmingham's finest, The Move.

This Sunday: Celebrating 45 years of Monkees 45s!

This week marks the 45th anniversary of the release of the first Monkees 45 ("Last Train To Clarksville"). And, well, you know that Tothar can't resist an excuse to celebrate a cool anniversary on his Beyondophonic Action Hour show.

For this Sunday's Beyondophonic show, Tothar has lined up 19 nifty covers of Monkees A-sides and B-sides. I've got 18 different artists spanning 4.5 decades covering 13 Monkees songs! The talent roster includes the likes of Wanda Jackson and the Four Tops and The Church and Sam Phillips and Enoch Light and Perez Prado and Barry Gray...and MORE! And don't miss "the OTHER David Jones" covering Davy Jones, from a mega-rare late-1960s BBC Bowie session!

Lesley Gore & More @ 4

This Monday, August 8th, 2011 brings an all-new episode 71 of "Come To The Sunshine" at 4PM (pacific)/7PM (eastern)/12 midnight (GMT) featuring two hours of splendid sixties sounds. (repeats this Sunday at 7am pacific)  

Hour one of the show will include original singles (direct from vinyl and all in MONO) from Gil & Johnny/The Others/Marvin's Circus/The Carousel/Vanity Fare/The Shambles/Wild Silk/Eddie Hodges/The Shaggy Boys/The Shuffles/The Boys Next Door/The Fantastic Baggys/The Springfield Rifle/Sir Henry And His Butlers/The Gross National Product/A Handful/The Dirty Shames/The Scarecrow/The Seagulls/The Mother Love 

New 2011 Beyondophonic Barry Gray Tribute - July 24

Tothar Presents the Latest Annual Barry Gray Tribute - New 2011 Edition 
In celebration of what would have been Barry Gray's 103rd birthday this past week, I, Tothar, proudly present my latest tribute to the FAB Gerry Anderson composer. I'll be spotlighting the new Stand By For Adverts CD alongside rare and exclusive recordings. If you want to hear past shows #1-4, just check 'em out at the archives at the official Barry Gray site.

Smother yourself in obscurity as the West Coast Fog rolls in!


Live tonight and every Tues. 7-9 PST on
Special guest Sir Daniel Abbott, artist extraordinaire! 

All m-m-m-m-manners of un-modern musikal madness!!

Faust, Thomas "Mera" Gartz, Little Wings, Dorothy Carter!

The Martin Denny 100th Birthday Special


Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of exotica king Martin Denny on both Thrifting for Tunes and The Beyondophonic Action Hour as hosts John T. and Tothar play selections from every record in Denny's discography!

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