Disneyland Billboard Design 1955

Disneyland Billboard Design 1955

A fabulous concept for a freeway billboard promoting Walt Disney's new playland in Anaheim. Pastel and gouache. Artist unknown.

Note the proposed Monstro the Whale water slide attraction, and the knights dukin' it out in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle! One of the most fun pieces of original Disneyland artwork I've ever seen.

Disneyland Billboard Design 1955
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The Little Cloud

Classroom Filmstrips have been a staple of kitch fans since time immemorial (that’s about four decades, in Kitsch Years), yet the Web still lacks a truly marvellous repository of the things. Collectors are apparently afraid to let them out of their little plastic tubes for fear they’ll crumble in the air. Others would rather compile them onto equally crumbly paper and weigh in on the matter with their own two cents.

Polynesian Pop Culture in the Great White North

Urban archaeologists searching for remnants of vintage Polynesian Pop culture above the 49th parallel often come up empty-handed and disappointed, especially if beginning their quest on the West Coast. Sure, if you dig around enough, you can find traces of Tiki’s past in British Columbia… With a little luck, maybe a couple of things out in the prairies… Not much at all in Ontario (nothing, in fact, in Toronto)… But starting out in the east, in Quebec — in and around Montreal in particular — you’ll find a region that is teeming (well, almost) with Tiki activity.

Blue-Eyed Soul By The California Poppy Pickers

If you’re lucky, and you haunt your local dollar bins long enough, you’ll still find albums on the Alshire label. But the best ones are getting harder and harder to find. You’ll still come across the odd 101 Strings album, provided it doesn’t have hot models in skimpy sixties getups on the cover — most of those were snapped up and shipped overseas long ago. But you’ll almost never find records by the Animated Egg, Doctor Marigold’s Prescription or John Bunyan’s Progressive Pilgrims. You also won’t find too many albums by the subject of this week’s featured fetish, the California Poppy Pickers.

Come To The Sunshine in the Springtime!

Friends & Listeners:

I am just getting into my personal spring break, which means lots of refilling of Sunshine 45's and LP's. However, I will still be on every Monday with rebroadcasts of some of my favorite "Come To The Sunshine" shows on from 4 to 6PM (PST).

Even better, Luxuria will be playing "Come To The Sunshine" every Sunday at an hour that many of you East Coasters, Europeans and worker bees (like me) can finally hear it (without breaking any rules).

Tune in to "Come To The Sunshine" on Sundays at 7AM this spring. (That is 10AM EST and roughly 3PM or so in Europe - depending on where our daylight savings puts you). My show is followed by other great '60s oriented programs:

10AM - Riot On Sunset Strip hosted by Domenic Priore
12PM - Pepperland Spicerack hosted by Kristian Hoffman

Les Humphries, R.I.P.

Though it happened over two months ago, word of the death of Les Humphries in England is just starting to trickle out onto the internet. Apparently, he died on the day after Christmas, of heart failure brought on by a severe case of pneumonia. He was 67 years old.

Camarata And The Mike Sammes Singers: Songs From Doctor Dolittle

I saw “Doctor Dolittle” starring Rex Harrison and Anthony Newley during its maiden 1967 release. I was seven then, far too young to know I was witnessing a train wreck. On the contrary: my three year old brother and I thrilled to the film and the temporary relief its magical world provided from our own mundane existence.

Another Hercules Parade Model, 1997

I'm not a huge fan of the movie, but working on the Disneyland parade which debuted at the time of the film's release is a fond memory.

Here is my original plastic and wood model based on Jody's concept for a float in the "Hercules Victory Parade" which ran at Disneyland in 1997.

Presidential Tchotchkas

Here's a cute little piece written especially for Luxuria some time last year, during one of Chuck's ongoing attempts to muster enough contributions for a new "Magnificent Seven" column. Alas, it was not to be, so I used it for filler over at BOSTWORLD during a particularly hectic week. I am happy to return it finally to its intended home:

Disneyland Characters Backstage - Early 1960s

Snow White seems to have been hanging out with the wrong crowd in those days.
Even more intriguing than the odd grouping, this photo was taken backstage in the large open area behind Main Street and Tomorrowland. You can see the bright aluminum nose of the TWA Moonliner in the background, and the brand new Administration Building on the right. Today, the rear wall of Space Mountain would be engulfing that circus tent back there.

Disneyland Characters Backstage - Early 1960s
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