From the family archives: Johnny Puleo tries to hit on Mom!

Here's a little something from the family archives I thought I'd share with you all today...


That's my mom in the picture — all 4 feet 11 inches of her — towering over harmonica virtuoso Johnny Puleo... circa 1962, at a classy joint called Le Faisan Bleu here in Montreal.


My Dad can be seen cracking up in the background... He really didn't seem to mind Johnny P. trying to score with Mom... it was the swingin' sixties after all.

Don't Miss "C'mon! Live A Little!" This Week!

"C'mon! Live A Little!" continues to surge through the LuxuriaMusic Spring Pledge Drive, cleaving into the fray like the proverbial warm knife into soft butter. And it's great that host Derrick Bostrom cares so much about this station to take the time out from his busy schedule to make that effort, but why does he have to be so bitchy about it?

"What are you waiting for?" He whines, "We've got bills to pay!"

Pleasant Phonic Sunday

Dust off your Y2K survival kit and prepare to kiss your sweet ass goodbye, because we're gonna party like it's 1999! This Sunday night, June 8, LuxuriaMusic will begin to transmit DJ Tothar's weekly radio program, The Beyondophonic Action Hour, nine years after his musical stylings first hit the airwaves in Akron, Ohio. The aforementioned action touches down at 7 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. 

dougee Dimensional meets Barbara Luna from Star Trek

The Golden Age of Driving - European Edition

Gasoline is up to four dollars a gallon! It'll be up to FIVE dollars by Christmas! In five years, we'll be looking back on these times as a golden age as we pay up to TWELVE DOLLARS A GALLON for the noxious liquid!

Happy Birthday to Joseph Pujol-The Fartist

There is a great documentary on You Tube. Just google his name to find it--it plays in five parts.  Born in Marseilles, France in 1857 Joseph Pujol eventually became one of the most unique performers ever to grace a stage. Legend has is that one day, while swimming, Pujol discovered his unique ability. As he took a deep breath before submerging, he felt water enter his rear. He soon discovered that, with abdominal control, he could deliberately suck water in through his anus and project it back out with great force. Further experimentation led him to discover that he could also do the same with air and, by varying pressures, he could produce distinct notes. Pujol became the first flatulence musician. It was a skill that eventually made him the most well-known and highest paid entertainer in all of France.

Choosy Art Luvvers Choose Luxuria!

Recently, we were thrilled to discover the artwork of Chris Reccardi at a group show in Palm Springs. We were equally thrilled to learn that Chris was himself a fan of Luxuria, per his recent testimonial/bulletin on MySpace: 

"Hello Friends,

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