Stay home this weekend for "C'mon! Live A Little!"

"Staycation" was funny for about negative thirty seconds, wasn't it?

Crank Your Spreaders - It's The Association July 21, 2008

An all new edition of my Internet radio program, "Come To The Sunshine," debuts this Monday (July 21, 2008) at 4PM (PDT) with episode #43.

In our first hour we will be spinning singles by:

The Act of Creation/The Garden of Eden/The Oracle/The Young Men/Larry & The Paper Prophets/The Yellow Payges/Sidewalk Skipper Band/Hearts & Flowers/Jim & Jean/The Giant Sunflower/Dino, Desi & Billy/Merrell Fankhauser & HMS Bounty/The Young Idea/Stephen Sargent & The Pride/The Status Cymbal/The Wellington Arrangment/Phluph/Fountain Of Youth/Childe Harold

Thurl Ravenscroft Interview

Past and Present today on Pretty World!

 Boa Tarde Everyone! It has been a “Pretty World” on Luxuria thanks to all you listeners and patrons! We have met our financial goal to stay on the air thanks to all you wonderful folk out there! We still have wonderful donation packages availablefor those who still would like to support Luxuria and it’s fabulous programming! 
Last week on Pretty World, I played a Uber Jazzy Nova set which included:

Pretty World - Sergio Mendes
Tico Tico - Grant Green
Cafe Copacabana - Oscar Castro-Neves
Sunday Morning – Charles Lloyd Quartet
Cinnamon And Clove S. Wanda & the Modern Jazz All-Stars
Sunny – Emil Richards
Caravan – Wes Montgomery
Look Away Mongo Santamaría
Meditation – Les and Larry Elgart
Fried Bananas – Gary McFarland

Everly Brothers "Come To The Sunshine" Monday @ 4PM (PDT)

This Monday (July 14th 2008) "Come To The Sunshine" pays tribute to the fabulous Everly Brothers. Starting at 4PM (PDT) we will spin rare and wonderful recordings from Don & Phil's lost decade. All you've got to do is dream (and of course click on the Listen tab before picking a suitable stream)!

Hawaiian Isle: 1966 (from the video archives)

Another one from the family archives...Here's a glimpse of the Hawaiian Isle Motel in Miami Beach, circa 1966. Even at one-and-a-half years of age, I think my enthusiasm for all things Tiki is obvious... right from the opening scene when I run straight for the motel entrance. Check out the nice font on the sign... and the huge Tiki out front.

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Where is That Confounded Bid?

Mike and Michelle sell records at our Pasadena swap meet. They just launched a huge eBay sale for soul, funk, R&B,  jazz, etc. 45s, so I figured I'd share a fave local find with the Lux crowd. I counted more than 600 discs, and sound clips are included so there's no risk in buying a cruddy-sounding dud. (Note: Apparently you have to click on this blog entry to access the HTML auction link.)

Donate $5 and you might WIN nine brand new Arthur Lyman CD's!!

Donate $5 or more to between Monday June 23 and Monday July 21 and you will be automatically entered into a raffle to win nine brand new Arthur Lyman two-fer CD's (a whopping 18 lp's worth of exotica!!) courtesy of Collectors Choice Music. The winner will be announced on July 21 by Strike during his show "Strike's Kitsch Niche. "

EVERYONE that donates during this promotion will receive a LuxuriaMusic bumpersticker. What have you got to lose?

To enter the contest, just go to our donations page and float us at least five bills.

Here's what you might win...

 Bwana’A / Bahia.
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