Me Make Um Pow Wow (Between the Sheets) - 10/22/08

After some zero cool instros, the delectable Angel Baby and the inedible Doctor Nod go on the rhythmic warpath, swing amongst the stars, get gone with guys' names, delve into some wacky musical misogyny and finally spin some way hip covers on another provocative episode of Between The Sheets!

Track List
Funhouse - Gerry Mulligan New Stars
Ooo Yah Yah - Paul Babbitt
Cool Down - Lavalieres
Indian Squaw - The Kellwoods
What Is An Indian? - Dal Williams
Me Make Um Pow Wow - The Five Keys
Stars - The Eccentrics
Shooting Starr - Ricki Starr & His All-Stars (pic sleeve)
Only The Stars - The Teen Beats
Dummy Doll - John Zacherle

You Can't Go Wrong Here

Here's a bunch of promos from some short-lived television shows from the sixties.

It's nine minutes of pure diversion!

The Transistors New Video

Stop Shoot Shock Shout
A Transistors video by MARZIO MIRABELLA

a video from the TRANSISTORS cd MODERN LANDSCAPE (Funky Juice 2008)

dD Sound Machine: This Friday night is Groovy Ghosts and Grinds!!!

 Hey luxuria groovers! dougee Dimensional returns from his NY and London escapades just in time for Halloween. This friday, October 24th 2008, check in to dD's fun collection of scary and sexy songs guaranteed to make any Halloween party a hit! All the fun starts at 9pm and continues until 11pm pacific time. Felacity Dickman will be manning the chat room and we guarantee a few surprises so don't miss it. Also podcasting so if you need to replay the show on Halloween night, that will also be possible. Stay Frightened and tune in Friday!!!

My Hero!

This is the opening to The Lloyd Thaxton Show and a segment
where he lip-sync's to Georgie Fame's song "Get Away." Click image
to watch. Lloyd passed away last Sunday. Luxuria loves you, Lloyd!

C'mon! Let's Live A Little A Lot!

Bing Crosby was an early pioneer of pre-recording. He felt that avoiding live broadcasting gave him greater control over the content of his programs and greater leverage with his sponsors. It also worked wonders on his golf scores. "C'mon Live A Little" host Derrick Bostrom has always felt that what's good enough for Bingle is good enough for him. You never know -- sometimes Saturday afternoon at 3pm (Pacific Time) is the perfect time to cut the grass, run a few errands, or even grab the wife and take a trip out of town.


 Oct 10 1962

The British Broadcasting Company bans "Monster Mash" -- the Halloween-themed novelty tune by Bobby "Boris" Pickett -- for being "offensive." The BBC never specifies precisely what it is about the song that's problematic.
If only these were the problems we were facing today!

Sir Cosmos a.k.a. Artist Chris Reccardi Live Saturday night in Topanga Canyon!

I don't know what you guys are doing Saturday but I am heading to Topanga Canyon to check out Sir Cosmos! Not only is Sir Cosmos a gifted musician and artist, he is one of Luxuria Music biggest fans! So here we go!

Guita​r Merch​ant prese​nts Sir Cosmo​ Cosmo​pollu​s Live this Satur​day Sept 27th at 8pm .

Sir Cosmo​ Cosmo​pollu​s reinv​ents the moder​n psych​edeli​c exper​ience​ throu​gh color​fully​ craft​ed pop songs​,​ surre​al lyric​al image​ry and dream​y impro​visat​ional​ passa​ges,​ where​ Elect​ronic​ textu​res and vinta​ge instr​ument​s weave​ toget​her to creat​e a sound​ inten​ded to carry​ the liste​ner far away from the medio​crity​ and uglin​ess of the curre​nt socie​tal exist​ence.​ 

Another Super Saturday on "C'mon Live A Little!"

Here at Bostworld Headquarters, we look forward to Saturday as we do no other day of the week. If we didn't know better, we'd think it was Friday, we love it so much.  In fact, we can't wait for you to get Internet radio in your car, so we can provide drive-time programming for those unfortunates for whom Saturday might as well be Friday.

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