"Wrecking Crew Tribute / Masterpieces of '60s U.S. Pop" Beyondophonic special

An overdue special edition of The Beyondophonic Action Hour
Tonight, I, Tothar, will finally be getting around to doing a couple of show ideas I've had for a while AT THE SAME TIME. I'd been wanting to showcase some iconic, ubiquitous 1960s pop hits that, at some point in my life, after hearing them a zillion times hit me with a fresh ear and have since become sources of endless fascination and awe. And, well, I've been meaning to pay tribute to the Wrecking Crew session musicians in some form for eons. So for the first half of the show, I'll have fairly obscure recordings from albums actually released under the names of individual Wrecking Crew musicians (Tom Tedesco, Plas Johnson, Tommy Morgan, Don Randi, Hal Blaine, Jerry Cole, Billy Strange, and Julius Wechter). Then in the second half, we'll meditate on ingenious Wrecking Crew sessions on familiar hits. Can't tune in during the Sunday evening streaming broadcast? Check back Monday or Tuesday in the Luxuria podcast archives!
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