The Beyondophonic Beachland Brunch with DJ Tothar!

Man, It's been FOREVER since I've done a live/public DJ gig, and I've been meaning to do one of the Beachland's "Sunday DJ Brunch" events for almost as long.

So, in between Mother's Day and Memorial Day, I'll be hauling over 75 of my favorite records up to Cleveland for a 4-hour Beyondophonic Action Brunch!

And furthermore, I will be recording the DJ set and doing song announcements and pre-recording four hours of my radio show *...LIVE* at the Beachland Tavern, complete with ambient crowd noise. Across the month of June, you can later re-live the event by tuning into my show "The Beyondophonic Action Hour" on Sunday nights at 7 pm PT on Internet radio. Eat your heart out, Garrison Keillor!

It will be as much Exotica, Now Sound/Orchestral Go-Go, Space-Age Bachelor Pad, British Library, Sunshine Pop, Soundtracks, Bubblegum, Bollywood, and MORE as I can cram into four hours. (90%+ on vinyl.)

All that plus fine food and a full bar. And, if you really wanna dance, we can probably find you some floor space too.

And, nope, no cover charge either!

If you're going to be atternding, or will be driving into the area, and think you will have room in your car to help other people attend, please leave word at the Event Facebook page - they'll be happy to assist with transportation costs!


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