New Beyondophonic Barry Gray Birthday Tribute - Sunday July 18

 This Sunday, July 18, marks the 102nd anniversary of Barry Gray's birth. That sounds to me like a great excuse for a new Barry Gray tribute radio special!

On this Sunday's "Beyondophonic Action Hour" show, hear themes from 24 different Gerry Anderson TV and film productions, including unreleased gems courtesy the Barry Gray estate. We'll also dig into some of the rare, post-Gray music from more recent Anderson productions.

If you can't tune into the live stream at 7pm Pacific / 10pm Eastern, a podcast should be in the Luxuria show archives sometime on Monday. (But note: these are only kept available for download for a couple of months, so act soon.)

I've played barely any of these recordings before on earlier Gray tributes or regular non-Gray "Beyondophonic Action Hour" programs. In cases where I've played themes for specific shows before, nearly all of these are different versions.

Among the most special treats: I've got an unreleased live recording of the Wondermints covering "UFO" in Tokyo in 1999, and excerpts from the massive orchestral Barry Gray Centenary concert held in London in 2008. (Extra special thanks to The Wondermints, David Stoner at Silva Screen Records, and Ralph Titterton of the Barry Gray Estate.)

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Barry Gray Tribute Show

The show was absolutely terrific. It was so good to hear tracks from the Barry Gray Tribute Concert, which I was lucky enough to attend. I really appreciate the work you do on Beyondophonic.

Barry Gray archives

 Thanks so much to everybody for all your interest and support. Even though these podcasts will eventually expire from LuxuriaMusic's archive, it looks like the Barry Gray site will be archiving them thereafter.

Barry Gray

I love the Barry Gray tribute shows and can't wait to hear the new one. They were my introduction to Luxuria Music and I've been a listener ever since. Ian Fryer Editor FAB - The Official Gerry Anderson Appreciation Society Magazine

Tothar - Listening Into Your Barry Gray show

Hello there Tothar, Craig A here. You purchased that FAB album from me on EBay not so long back, I am listening into your show when it's on live at 7pm here in the UK. Looking forward to hearing it mate, Many thanks must go Fanderson & The Barry Gray music estate for lending you these tracks. Otherwise it would not be possible F.A.B From CaptainCubbio, East Midlands slap bang in the middle of the United Kingdom

RE: Tothar - Listening Into Your Barry Gray show

Ahoy, Captain! Wow, so did you tune in in the middle of the night your time last night?!? If so, you weren't alone. You crazy insomniac Brits! ;-) 

Hello there - Tothar

Hello there mate, Yes I did stop up and listen into your wonderful Barry Gray show. I would like it to download for myself to listen to on my ARCHOS Music Player, If you could E-Mail that one plus the other's you've done I would be grateful. E-Mail me at: Kind Regards CaptainCubbio2010

Cool! We're big news at Fanderson's site!