Ferrante & Teicher Cookin' the Keys on the Ernie Kovacs Show

"Oye Negra" has NEVER been as jaw-droppingly hot as this.



Great find, tothar, thanks for sharing. It doesn't surprise me that Ernie Kovacs would feature something so bold and innovative on his show, that's the kind of entertainer he was.

Explain to me again WHY they

Explain to me again WHY they turned their backs on this exciting approach and went for unbridled schmaltz, complete with gold lame suits and outrageous, raven-black wigs...

Filthy HIPPIES are to be HUNG... with ROHHPE!


GOLD LAME SUITS.....OUTRAGEOUS, RAVEN BLACK WIGS????????it speaks for itself.......I think I'm in love

Explanation WHY...

 Well, they gave the people (and the record label) what the people wanted most. It was market-driven. However, I will say that lurking in many of the "usual" orchestral United Artists LPs, there are some really inventive cuts, including some other prepared piano.

There were actually some pretty wild things that were even recorded but were rejected by United Artists or buried on 45 B-sides. Scott Smith has just set me up with some of these rare and unreleased tracks, which will eventually be finding there way into future editions of my show and the Luxotron rotation.