Catch the TIKI OASIS Broadcasts Exclusively on Luxuriamusic Labor Day Weekend!

Tiki Oasis 11

Tiki Oasis Luxuriamusic Labor Day Schedule

 Friday, Sep. 2:
Surfer Joe's Boss Combo - 5:00 pm
Tiki Joe's Ocean - 6:00 pm
Bali Hai DJ Party Part 1 - 7:15 pm
(Featuring Strike and Switched-on Audrey)
Radio Readymade (live) - 9:00 pm
Hawaiian or Space” – Felacity Dickman welcomes Miss Honeymink Foxmeister and our own Dougee Dimensional of The Gentle People.)
Bali Hai DJ Party Part 2 - 11:00 pm
(Featuring Strike and Switched-on Audrey)
Saturday, Sep. 3
Meet and Greet DJ set 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
(Featuring Strike with special guests)
Marty Lush - 4:45 pm
Mark & the Escorts 5:30 pm
The Crystal Telephone (live) - 6:00 pm
The fabulous Michael Des Barres returns to The Crystal Telephone w/ Rotary Rachel)
Big Sandy & Los Straightjackets - 8:00 pm
Latin a Go Go Party - 9:30 pm
(Featuring Howie Pyro, Switched-on Audrey, & Strike)

Sunday, Sep. 4:
Luxuria Booth DJ Sets - 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
(Featuring Strike, Jack Fetterman & Gina of the Jungle, Phast Phreddie, Howie Pyro, Switched-on Audrey, Derek Yaniger, Shag, David Ponak, & Andrew Sandoval)
Frankie's Baja Marimba Mania - 5:00 pm
Orchestra Superstring6:00 pm
Crazy Antics with Kitten on the Keys and King Kukulele - 6:40 pm
Jack Costanzo - 7:00 pm
HERB 8:00 pm

Monday, Labor Day, Sep. 5:
Luxuria Booth DJ Sets
- 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm
(Featuring Strike, Java, Jack Fetterman & Gina of the Jungle, The Great Gaylord, Switched-on Audrey, Bigtoe, & David Ponak)
The Hula Girls - 6:00 pm
Don Tiki (2 sets) - 7:00 pm


Tiki-O 12!

Loved you at TO12 this year! Here is the Theme song we talked about, And here is the movie, Thanks for the Salt and Pepper reference, I'll look for that! Thomas