Come To The Sunshine in the Springtime!

Friends & Listeners:

I am just getting into my personal spring break, which means lots of refilling of Sunshine 45's and LP's. However, I will still be on every Monday with rebroadcasts of some of my favorite "Come To The Sunshine" shows on from 4 to 6PM (PST).

Even better, Luxuria will be playing "Come To The Sunshine" every Sunday at an hour that many of you East Coasters, Europeans and worker bees (like me) can finally hear it (without breaking any rules).

Tune in to "Come To The Sunshine" on Sundays at 7AM this spring. (That is 10AM EST and roughly 3PM or so in Europe - depending on where our daylight savings puts you). My show is followed by other great '60s oriented programs:

10AM - Riot On Sunset Strip hosted by Domenic Priore
12PM - Pepperland Spicerack hosted by Kristian Hoffman
2 PM - Pretty World hosted by Audrey Moorehead

Who knows I may be popping in on Sunday nights to DJ some live shows as well! Here is the schedule of shows (playlists are available for all at

Wk 1 Goffin & King CTS 24
Wk 2 Graham Gouldman CTS 11
Wk 3 Monkees '67 CTS 21
Wk 4 Glad/Fargo CTS 23
Wk 5 Left Banke CTS 25
Wk 6 Lenny Waronker CTS 26
Wk 7 Cat Stevens CTS 27
Wk 8 Boyce & Hart CTS 30
Wk 9 Del Shannon CTS 31
Wk 10 Bonner & Gordon CTS 32
Wk 11 Gary Zekley CTS 33
Wk 12 Simon & Garfunkel CTS 34

See you all this Summer for our second anniversary celebration!