Lux x10- Saturday, Jan 4th through Friday, Jan 10th! Music from the '0 Years Curated By the LuxuriaMusic DJs!


Saturday 1/4: 4pm- Derrick Bostrom and Come On Live A Little celebrates 1970; 5pm- Circa 2000 LuxuriaMusic interview with Carol Kaye by Dennis Kelley and Chuck Kelley; 7pm- Circa 2010 LuxuriaMusic aircheck of Heroes & Villains with Chuck Kelley; 9pm- Count Reeshard and Leeroy, LIVE from the Purple Bat Lounge with zeroes and zeroes of offerings, courtesy of Uncle Morty's Midnight Mobile Dispensory and the ever popular Chiba Chart!

Sunday 1/5: Noon- Pepperland Spicerack with Kristian Hoffman welcomes Pierre Smith, and plays everything he can carry in his bag while balancing his hangover; 4pm- Ms. Paisley is spinning the Paisley Underground Corsortium into a frenzy of 1970 goodness; 6pm- John T is Thrifting For Tunes for you in the soundtracks aisle with selections from all the midcentury AUGHTS that matter- 1940, 1950, 1960, 1970, 1980, and 1990; 7pm- Tothar spins what five of his favorite artists were up to in 1960, and then in 1970 on this special edition of Beyondophonic Action Hour; 8pm- Strike runs amok with three hours of music that "aught" to drive us insane- 8pm it's 1950, 9pm 1960, and at 10pm it'll get allll funky with some 1970 up in the Kitsch Niche house!